sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

i'll fall for a boy who will:

  • stand out in the rain with me
  • cook with, or for me
  • let me sing along to the radio
  • keep surprising me
  • watch movies with me on lazy days
  • remember little things
  • help me face my fears
  • start play-fights with me - with water, or food, or pillows, or anything
  • write me post-it love letters
  • always say what's on his mind
  • let me wear his clothes
  • shut me up with kisses
  • call me things like darling, no babe
  • hug me and say, "no, you're not," when i say i'm fine
  • treat me, sometimes, like a child
  • treat me, sometimes, as an adult
  • love me back

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